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Read on to discover practical information about A.I. in medical imaging, interesting clinical applications, and tidbits about the current clinical and regulatory environment for A.I.

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There is always something new happening in the world of A.I.

11  March, 2021

Post-Market Surveillance

Regulators are driving all medical device manufacturers, including A.I. developers, to be able to track and report the behavior of fielded devices. As a result, Post-Market Surveillance is growing in importance, not only as a regulatory requirement, but also because it lets a manufacturer assess the performance of a device in the clinic, where it matters most.  Link

17 March, 2021

Explainability of A.I.

Explainability remains a hot topic in A.I., but isn't new. Prof. MaryEllen Giger (University of Chicago) posited long ago that an association to prior cases could lead radiologists to better decision making in clinical practice. See Figure 6 in this 2006 article for Prof. Giger's vision, albeit it was more than a dozen years old at that time. Link

20 April, 2021

Clinical Proof of A.I.

In a paper in European Radiology, Kicky van Leeuwen demonstrated that of 100 CE Marked AI applications, few have real clinical proof of patient outcome efficacy. Link

20 April, 2021

Survey of Radiologists

According to a new survey of ACR member radiologists, clinical use of A.I. is only in its infancy. This paper discusses a few reasons why A.I. adoption may be slow and illustrates where radiologists are using A.I. at present. Link

Older Updates

Those who fail to learn from the past are destined to repeat it.

14 December, 2020

Big Data for A.I.

There never seems to be enough data for developing and testing A.I. algorithms. Check out this interesting DI Europe interview with Prof. R. "Bob" Nishikawa of the University of Pittsburgh and our CEO, Julian Marshall. Link

6 July, 2020

White Paper

Obtaining Big Data for A.I. algorithm training and testing is one thing, but how you manage that data in your organization is something different. Learn from our real-world experience with data segregation. Link

1 July, 2020

Post-Market Surveillance

An important trending topic in A.I. is post-market surveillance (PMS). A.I. manufacturers need to take PMS seriously, because regulatory agencies are looking more towards post-market surveillance as a means of determining if products live up to their promise. Link

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