Collecting data for A.I. has never been easier.

Anyone who has collected cases for algorithm development will tell you that it is fraught with challenges. Just getting the attention of medical clinics is hard enough, but arranging contracts, negotiating pricing, and poring through pages of
security questionnaires can be too much.

maiData has solved the problem by prearranging data collection so you don't have to. Our software and processes are seamlessly integrated into clinical workflow,
so case collection happens without interrupting normal daily practice.


Less work

ExtractData is designed to offload your team so you can focus on the important work you do. Whether developing AI algorithms or performing large clinical trials, ExtractData will streamline your processes and save your staff valuable time.

Less time

Because maiData has already created a clinical network, there is no time delay for data collection. Once we understand what you need, we can start.

More diverse

maiData's broad clinical network provides a rich diversity of data that can help your AI algorithms generalize better than ever before.

How ExtractData Works

A maiData ExtractData Specialist is assigned to help you through the requirements process:

1. Gathering your Data Requirements (images, metadata, reports)

2. Defining any dependencies (E.g., mammography only if density D)

3. Outlining your Diversity Goals

We then search our clinical sites for data that matches your Data Requirements, aligning as much as possible with your Diversity Goals, after which we collect, pseudonymize and deliver DICOM images and JSON metadata, including reports.


Vast Amounts of Data

The amount of data available to maiData simply grows and grows.

More and More Clinics

maiData is working hard to add more clinics to our network, and each time we do, the depth and breadth of data increases.

More and More Studies

Each new clinic brings not only its own array of historical data, but also newfound capacity to create new data. Combined with our existing network, the amount of data continually increases.

Data with Breadth

maiData's clinical network gives your team access to data from facilities far and wide.



maiData collects pseudonymized images and metadata from dozens of clinical facilities.



maiData collection sites are spread across the US, from California's farm country to population centers in the east.



Untold millions of studies are available for A.I. companies demanding precision in case collection with broad diversity.


Our data is drawn from maiData's growing network of clinical facilities.

Diversity Choices

maiData's novel approach to data collection brings newfound diversity to A.I.

Racial and Ethic

maiData provides a picture of the racial and ethnic diversity for A.I. developers to help guide collection of data that may lead to better algorithm generlization.


Socioeconomic status influences access to healthcare and most likely introduces bias. maiData helps you understand the environmental conditions captured in ExtractData data sets.


Geographic diversity help mitigate the unintended bias that comes from collecting data in a small number of locations.


Measured Steps


Big Medical
Data Registry

maiData catalogs the data available in our network, allowing real-time analysis of the breadth of data on hand.



Software pulls and pseudonymizes your requested studies and uploads them to a secure repository in the cloud ... just for you.



After the data is collated, maiData will work with you to deliver the data. As data volumes for one collection can exceed 50TB, this takes some special tricks!

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