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Obtaining clinical data has always been a complicated business, burdened by contracts, lawyers and IT departments.  If you are like everyone else, even the simplest data collection project takes a lot of time -- more time than expected.  That is no longer the case with maiData.

maiData offers a full range of Big Data collection services for AI, CRO, and pharmaceutical companies, large and small. Our unique processes marry your requirements with vast warehouses of clinical data stored in clinical facilities. You simply specify exactly what types and quantities of data you need, and maiData delivers.



The ExtractDataâ„¢ service is a one-stop shop for clinical Big Data. You specify the modality, body part, key constraints, and your desired volume of data. You can even refine your request to specific brands and models of equipment. We do the rest.


Offloading Your Team

ExtractData is designed to offload your team so you can focus on the important work you do.  Whether developing AI algorithms or performing large clinical trials, ExtractData will streamline your processes and save your staff valuable time.


maiData has created the Big Medical Data Registry (BMDR), a catalog of the data available from our network of clinical partners. When you ask for data, we match your needs, from geographic and socioeconomic diversity, to specific data sources in the BMDR.


Our software then pulls and pseudonymizes the requested studies and uploads them to a secure repository in the cloud.


If you need special annotations, just ask. Our cadre of expert annotators can provide virtually any level of detail that you need.


After the data is collated, you receive credentials that allow you to download everything you requested. It is that easy!

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